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women delivered with life changing cookstoves that improves their

280,625 tCo2e

mitigated per year, directly contributing to climate change mitigation


electricity generated from Powerstove to solve lighting needs of the users
Our Mission

Focus on Design & Function

Our mission is to develop affordable, sustainable renewable energy solutions to cover the energy demand of every community and households in developing countries and freely share knowledge in the most affordable and convenient ways.

Our vision is to empower and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled pro-poor renewable technologies, reflecting the creative minds and innovative technologies that makes Powerstove the world’s premier clean cookstove and bio-pellets company.

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Simple Yet Powerful Solution

Every day, millions of women and girls around the world breathe in harmful smoke while cooking and spend hours walking far distances to secure cooking fuel. In most rural Nigerian communities, 1 in 4 women and girls have been raped, assaulted or beaten whenever they went in search of firewood. Reliance on polluting open fires and inefficient fuels leads to health problems (emphysema, cataracts, cancer, heart disease, etc.) and economic burdens that disproportionately impact women and girls. A reduction in time spent collecting fuel and cooking enables women to spend more time with their children, and tend to other responsibilities.

Powerstove provides cleaner, more efficient cookstoves and bio-fuels to women while also giving them income-generation opportunities as business owners and entrepreneurs at the center of the clean cookstoves value chain. Increased access to Powerstove clean cookstoves can reduce the health and safety issues caused by household air pollution and decrease the time women spend collecting cooking fuel. Women can then reallocate this time to educational, income-generating, and leisure activities. The proprietary Powerstove built-in IoT technology will then help track (in real time), quantify and monetize the carbon offsets generated by the project and reinvest the funds in other community.

Behind The Scene

Meet Our Amazing Team

Diverse Expertise. Result-driven
Management Team
Founder, CEO

Okey Esse

Physics Electronics graduate.
Co-founded 3 other companies and exited one, with 20 years of experience in MSME.
Chief Operating Officer

Glory Esse

Oversees company's daily business operations and administration, implementing business strategies and optimizing the organisation's operational capabbilities.
Chief Financial Officer

Faith Daniel

Accounting Specialist || Financial Analyst || Detail-oriented, result-driven accountant, skilled ith Quickbook, MSExcel with 9years of experience.
Communications Manager

Michael Gbagir

Over ten years experience as Communications Manager with vast experience in internal and external communications, press releases, data management, and e-communications. He have incomparable skills in strategy planning, delivery, and channel planning and also proficient in all Social Media.
Board & Advisors
Board Chairman

Harry ‘Tomi Davies (TD)

Collaborator-in-Chief at TechnoVision,
Co-founder, Lagos Angel Network,
Author, Public Speaker and Angel Investor.

Andrew Don

Ex Senior Executive at Jumia Ghana and Lori Systems (Kenya),
Former WorldBank Consultant,
Runs LatAm Entrepreneurship Support Organisation & Accelerator
Experienced Mentor & Operator in go-to-market, market entry and scaling startups.