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Powerstove is a key component of SDG7- access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030. The truth is access to Powerstove not only contributes to access to modern and clean energy (SDG7) and improved health (SDG3), but its impacts can be felt keenly in 12 out of the 17 global goals including gender equality (SDG5), climate action (SDG13) and the elimination of poverty (SDG1). In other words- without a shift towards universal clean cooking solutions, achievement of most SDGs will also be affected.


he impacts on gender equality are vital to enabling inclusive progress towards the SDGs. The responsibility of collecting fuel, feeding stoves, and cooking falls disproportionately on women and girls- and therefore the associated risks do too. Without Powerstove women on average spend 1.4 hours collecting firewood, and 4 hours cooking each day, meaning that they have little time to take part in any other activities. Every 25,000 units distributed avert 40 deaths and 1,295 Disability-adjusted life year (DALYs) from reduced cook-smoke exposure.

Reducing time spent on cooking, Powerstove is helping children, particularly girls who are often kept out of school (SDG4) so that they can contribute to household tasks, like cooking and collecting fuel. Powerstove self-generates electricity which provides energy access that enables enhanced productivity and inclusive economic growth (SDG8). Powerstove offers many job opportunities and Goodlife Bio-Pellets helps to mitigate up to 34% of woodfuel harvested unsustainably (SDG15) for charcoal and firewood, which contributes to forest degradation, deforestation and climate change.

Up to 25% of black carbon emissions come from burning solid fuels for household energy needs (SDG13). Powerstove cookstove addresses the most basic needs of the poor, while also delivering climate benefits. Powerstove is working with local women-owned NGOs (SDG17) to achieve grassroots product acceptability, door-to-door distribution, assembling and repairs.

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