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Cooks 5x faster. Generates electricity

World’s first clean cookstove with IoT built-in.

Faster. Saves money & time.

Up To 50 Watts Electricity
With a strong fire, produces 50 watts of continuous power, enough to charge phones, lights, camera and more. Stores excess in the Lithium ion battery for later use.
Burn Chamber
Stainless steel-built burn chamber, reaches 1000 degrees in less than 3 minutes, enables 5x fater cooking than any traditional stove.
Airflow System
Precision airflow system, with its built-in battery and four-speed fan, the fan regulator allows users to control the temperature while cooking.
IoT Integrated
Internal pre-programmed computer chips uses input sensors and output components to control functions & data transfers over 2G/3G network.
Customer Reviews

50K+ Supplies. Across Africa

Ugwunwa Ebi Okere
“In three months I have used Powerstove, I have saved N27,000 on cooking fuel, which has helped me to pay for children’s school fees.”

Amara Charity, Mrs.
“In 6 months, the 40% hike in charcoal makes me spend N400 daily on charcoal to cook for my family. But since I started using Powerstove, I am now spending N100 daily on Goodlife Biomass Pellets. No more smoke and blackened pots.”

Joyce Danjuma
“I love it when I can continue to charge my phones while cooking with Powerstove and at the same at saving money on charcoal.”

Moumaife John
Without Pay-As-You-Cook Financing offer by Powerstove, it will be difficult for me to purchase the stove. No more sending my girls to go for firewood.”

Our Products

Powerstove X200

The most advanced efficient household cookstove with side feeding based on Top-Lit Updraft technology designed for Pellets use ONLY with Built-in 4,000mAh Lithium ion Battery. Power Output 12V and 5V.

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The most efficient commercial cookstove with gravity push contineuos-side feeding based on rocket technology designed for Pellets use ONLY

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The smallest sized Top-lit Force Draft clean stove specially designed for Bio-Pellets.

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